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Project Home Page

Project Name: Captcha (Secure Authentication)

Project Status: Active

Project Manager: Steffan Cline

Demo Link:

Description: This is a project to replicate the system seen on many sites where the server gives you a graphic with text in it where you must type the text into the field to verfy that you are a human and not some system that is trying to automate a process. For example, many sites use this to verify that you are a human that may be registering an email address for a mailing list rather than a bot of some sort trying to do it. There are 3 versions posted for this. 1.0s uses a session to temporarily store the image and serve it later so that there is no disk I/O necessary. Then there is the first one I made, 1.0f which writes the images to a directory and then deletes them 2 minutes later after they have been served. 1.0p uses an encrypted key to handle this. I would say this is the recommended method. The session hides more of whats going on but the Lasso session manager doesnt have enough time to get around this. I recommend that you download and try them and see which works best for you. You will need to open the index.lasso page of either version and you will need to set the path to the fonts which are included in this example. Also be sure to set the permissions on the entire folder after you install or you WILL have troubles with the files not being saved. I would say chown -R lasso:staff /path/to/secureauth and chmod -R 777 /path/to/secureauth . If you get an error the first time you run the example have no fear. Be sure to refresh it and then it will work. It appears that this happens only the first time til the built in IM tags are able to locate the fonts etc. Please feel free to upload any changes or notify me of any suggestions for this project. Be sure to see the example from the demo!

NOTE: Click the version number to see the release notes, or click the Download link to download the code

Version Code Date Contributor Downloads
   2.0 Download/View 2005-11-13 Steffan Cline 2044